Medical examination

It uses the experimental technology and modern instruments of physics, chemistry, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology and other disciplines to carry out laboratory inspection / inspection of blood, body fluids, secretions and other materials from the human body, so as to obtain data reflecting pathogens, pathological changes and organ function status; So as to provide scientific basis for disease prevention, differential diagnosis, treatment monitoring, prognosis evaluation and health management.

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Research Field

  • Molecular diagnostic technology

    Molecular diagnostic technology

    Research in gene therapy, cell therapy, tissue and organ transplantation, new drug development and other fields

  • POCT


    Clinical testing and bedside testing performed next to patients are usually not necessarily performed by clinical examiners. It is carried out immediately at the sampling site.

  • immunological tests

    immunological tests

    It uses immunology theory and technology, combined with the principles and technologies of molecular biology and cell biology, to detect antigens, antibodies, immune cells and cytokines in samples.

  • Real time fluorescent quantitative PCR

    Real time fluorescent quantitative PCR

    Efficient real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR solutions minimize complexity and help you save time and effort to the greatest extent.