Cell Culture

Cell culture refers to a method that simulates the internal environment (sterility, appropriate temperature, pH and certain nutritional conditions, etc.) in vitro to make it survive, grow, reproduce and maintain its main structure and function. Cell culture is also called cell cloning technology. In biology, the formal term is cell culture technology. Whether for the whole bioengineering technology or one of the biological cloning technologies, cell culture is an essential process. Cell culture itself is the large-scale cloning of cells. Cell culture technology can turn a cell into a simple single cell or a few differentiated multi cells through mass culture, which is an essential link of cloning technology, and cell culture itself is cell cloning. Cell culture technology is an important and commonly used technology in cell biology research methods. Cell culture can not only obtain a large number of cells, but also study cell signal transduction, cell anabolism, cell growth and proliferation.

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Research Field

  •  Application of Neurobiology

    Application of Neurobiology

    To study the cellular and molecular changes in the nervous system and the integration of these processes in the central control system

  • Cell growth and differentiation

    Cell growth and differentiation

    Cell growth refers to the process of cell volume and weight increase, which is the basis of plant individual production. The specialization of cells in morphology, structure and function is called cell differentiation.

  • Tumor research

    Tumor research

    Study cancer / tumor to determine its etiology and formulate prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure strategies.